The philosophy behind the name of inherit earth, is that all the projects and work that we do should have a positive constructive effect on the preservation and sustainability of our fragile planet.

It is no secret that we are putting pressure on the environment around us. There will always be some debate as to how much effect we are really having but it seems quite clear at least several species of animals in Australia alone are under threat of extinction due to loss of habitat.

And if even a fraction of the current predictions are true the world as we know it won't remain as we know it for too much longer. So we feel that any work we do should not contribute to these pressures and in fact should work to reduce them.

It is a simple enough ethical decision to choose to work in ways that help preserve and sustain the earth. Within the framework of the philosophy to think globally and act locally.

Our motivation is also straight forward. We would like our children to inherit an earth that looks like an earth. An earth with furry animals.  And not so furry animals. An earth where you can water the garden. An earth where you can go to the beach. Simple things everyone should be able to take for granted.

So we will be working on projects that we hope can be part of a general movement and sense of responsibility and stewardship.

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