The directors of Inherit earth, Peter Haffenden and Kerrie Poliness have many years of experience working together on projects that actively support and communicate cultural and environmental issues.

Their work at Melbournes Living Museum of the West included a range of projects that brought together local history, current cultural issues including local Aboriginal heritage and environment projects.

They have worked with local councils, other cultural organisations, environment groups, historical societies, migrant support groups, schools and universities, local artists and a range of other community groups.

Peter and Kerrie worked within the Living Museum philosophy of consultation and inclusion of the local community networking with individual with direct experience, professionals in various fields and government departments at all levels.

Consequently their work reflects an awareness of the various concerns and priorities of a range of stakeholders in any project. They are aware that no topic stands alone but is part of a larger matrix of current concerns and issues.

They understand that the current preoccupation with sustainability means being aware of the interconnection of all aspects of society and its view of progress. No step is too large or too small. So no project they take on is too large or too small.

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Ptilotis flowering at Rokewood Cemetary, field trip 2011.

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